The Chinese have studied the effect of Qigong on a wide range of illnesses and found that the deep breathing associated with Tai chi and Qigong in over 80% of cases significantly helped and cured Asthma, Bronchitis and pneumonia it was also beneficial for cardiovascular, hypertension and blood pressure it was discovered that results were noticeable after just eight weeks of practise and those who continued with their practise 97.7% had stable, lowered blood pressure. Incidents of stroke where studied over a 30 year period 47.76% of those in a controlled group died out of them 32.50% died due to stroke in the Qigong group only 25.41% had died and out of them only 15.57% died due to stroke… These people also underwent ultrasound and the Qigong group was found to have stronger heart muscles and left ventricular function.

Qigong also increases the volume of blood flowing to the brain, hands and feet. The deep relaxation attained by practising Qigong causes the blood vessels to gently dilate, enabling them to carry more blood.

Qigong helps improve your digestive system by getting rid of toxins and impurities in the most natural way. It helps with gastric and duodenal ulcers and in a study of 515 people 70.8% of the group were cured of their ulcers by regular practise.

Qigong has also been extensively used to improve and enhance the immune system tonifying the Qi and Blood” according to Chinese medicine when the Qi and Blood are strengthened, we are better able to fight off infection and disease.

Qigong was also practised by a number of cancer patients and in over 80% they regained their strength, in 63% their appetite improved in over 20% it normalized Liver function.

Qigong will help you in other areas too and these include: hearing, vision, memory, skin elasticity, bone density, reaction time, cholesterol levels, hormone levels, physical strength, Kidney function, focus, discipline and probably one of the most important in these hectic times relaxation.