St Johns Church Center- GUILDFORD

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Tai Chi
Qigong  and Yang  Style Taiji – 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm
Chen style Taiji – 7.30 pm to 9 pm
tai chi


Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford

Tai chi class – St Johns Church Center – Wednesday Evenings
6.15 pm to 7.15 pm and 7.30 pm to 9 pm

Guildford St Johns Church center

222 Epson Road





Contact me: 07982971961

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There is plenty of free parking in the Village Hall car park outside. Disabled parking bays can be found near the main entrance.


Term £140

DROP IN – £15

Tai chi classes Guildford at St Johns Church center – Wednesday Evenings

6.15 pm to 7.15 pm – Beginners Class

7.30 pm to 9 pm – Intermediate and Beginners Class

First class is FREE

Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford

All the tai chi classes Guildford consist of a warm up we loosen the body from the head down to the feet so the body is more relaxed and soft our Qigong is a mixture of hard and soft Qigong. Each method of practice works on you internally and can be very beneficial to your internal organs.

Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford

Cultivation of Spirit and Body are equally important if you are younger then you can begin to cultivate the spirit and then the physical but if you are older then you need to cultivate the physical it is very important to first strengthen one’s health. If the body is weak, jing (essence of the body) and qi (life activating force) are deficient, then we use movement to purify Jing which has the added bonus of training to discipline the mind and repair physical damage.

Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford, Tai chi classes Guildford

In our standing practice we are disciplining the mind which includes the regulating and condensing of scattered thoughts to develop one’s mental efficiency to a higher level, this helps to attain the ability to remain in a calm and free.

In essence we are cultivating our qi (life activating force) as we work with the internal styles.

Qigong exercises are capable of purifying Jing (essence of the body) through its movement to strengthen the body.

Generally as we get older the Jing and Qi deplete faster and faster. We need an abundance of Jing to attain good health and longevity.. In Daoist thought:

Qi is like a root and Jing the trunk of a tree,

If the root is not deep it can be plucked out with ease,

If the trunk is not strong then the tree will fall,

When one can firmly store qi and guard one’s Jing then you can attain a long life.

Through training in Qigong cultivators condense their hearts, nourish their qi, regulate their personality and remove post birth defects this cultivates the original spirit. True essence.

Silk Reeling practice is very important in our style of Tai chi this is the foundation that we are to build upon it helps with whole body co-ordination and will allow the body to sit naturally on the legs it also helps with distinguishing the movement from the waist. If you can imagine each time you turn your waist it moves around your spine which is the central point the arms are moved by the turning of your waist and this is where our power is centred our intention is gently placed within the area we call the Dantien the storage center for our Original qi energy whilst we practice most internal martial arts ie: Tai chi, Qigong, Standing practise or Silk Reeling.

Silk Reeling or Chan Su Jin is the foundation of Chen style Tai chi  without it there is no Chen tai chi it helps us to develop a powerful spiralling energy and our root into the earth another important aspect of Tai chi training. Developing the root is also a bi-product of Qigong standing practice.

Silk Reeling practice helps with:

1. Shifting weight (left to right)

2. Turning the waist (left to right)

3. Expanding and contracting the limbs

4. Twining and coiling (winding in and out)

Silk Reeling is also implemented to help loosen the hips and the folds of the hips called the (Kua) we want the movements to be even in the hips and for the appearance and feeling to flow in a smooth and continuous manner throughout the Silk Reeling exercise there are about 12 different exercises from standing to moving reeling silk, single hand and double hand. But the new beginner need only concentrate on the single hand forms and relaxing the body in their practice.

Silk Reeling is a relatively recent form of teaching aspects of the Chen Tai chi form. By relatively new I mean it has become standard over the last 50 years or so.

This is a set of turning and spiralling movements which improve body stretching and flexibility it helps to remove blocks within the acupuncture channel maintaining a good flow of internal energy. It includes single hand and double hand movements as well as forwards and backwards stepping movements.

The Chen style Tai Chi traditional 18 movement form was designed by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei it contains what is termed the cream of Taiji so all the best movements taken from the Laojia Yilu form which is the next part of your Tai chi journey the 18 movement form is the beginning of learning and practicing the traditional old frame routines and will introduce you to many of the fast and slow movements of Tai chi. Here you will receive detailed corrections in helping you to understand the choreography of the form. We first learn the frame and then start to correct posture and work on the various requirements of the form.

When we first begin to work on our form let’s say at the 1st stage of our practice we keep our postures high, we maintain our relaxed/soft hips and knees. We begin to think about keeping the elbows lower than our shoulders and using only minimal muscle strength we must also think about keeping the body upright with our chins slightly tucked in for a straighter spine. We copy the movements of our teacher so that we move in such a way as to mirror the way the form is done and we use our minds to remember the form as best we can. There are no shortcuts in Tai Chi we train slowly to ensure precision so that everything remains relaxed without collapsing.

Within a reasonably short amount of time we may start to feel heat in the body tingling in the fingers or the feeling of electricity flowing through the body we may feel cold or tingling or the feeling of energy being moved from one place to another all of these things no matter how slight you can think of as progression and these sensations get stronger with your practice.

As we move into our 2nd stage we have an increased awareness of what is going on inside the body, we are now moving like flowing water the movements feel smooth. The hips are beginning to relax naturally the knees don’t take the pressure of the upper body as the pressure flows easily down to your feet which helps develop your connection to the ground or root, your form is beginning to take shape and you find it easier to remember the form and its linking movements. The body is beginning to remember the natural shape of the form and your legs will become stronger, your practice may increase as you begin to understand the movements better your body and waist are beginning to move as one unit and there is an awareness of where your hands and feet should be, following the teacher is easier and you may have a few moments of clarity in your form and Silk Reeling.

In your form your posture will naturally become lower we don’t force anything all unfolds in perfect time. Everyone progresses at different rates but that all depends on you and your practice it is very important to practice whenever you can every day if possible.

I myself practice every day even if you don’t have space to do a form you can still practice the silk reeling the foundation of the form and if you can do this you will be able to grasp the figure of 8 movements quicker. Your legs and hips will also loosen faster and the movement of your waist will begin to feel natural.

As you move into the 3rd stage you are beginning to move from your waist or more importantly the Dantien your qi sensations are stronger, the folds of your hips (kua) are loosening your legs are stable your posture upright your form feels fuller your hands and arms are extended but not stiff the energy goes all the way to the tips of your fingers and the movement in your legs and hips is much smoother now your health will be much improved at this stage you will begin to feel more heat in the body any problems in your joints or backs could be a distant memory as the energy begins to flow through you.

Even the standing post practice will become natural and relaxed you will feel more of a connection to the ground and almost as though your arms are being held up by your feet,

Again we are constantly learning in tai chi it takes a while to get to the destination whatever you want that to be if it’s for health then maybe you will practice less but if you are really serious about your training the amount will increase it will become a way of life as it did for me.

When you start to train more those serious about learning tai chi can then start their journey into the more martial side of the art. You will have to show dedication and trust to be taught in this way

You must first learn the forms practice and memorize the movements, we also will have a solid frame with no collapsing that is when we start to feel the energy, when we feel the energy in all parts of the body throughout the forms then we can start to develop our qi power then we are able to be taught the techniques…

Nobody said Tai Chi was easy and those that do only see gentle movements not the hard work that goes into learning and perfecting this amazing internal martial art.

The power in Tai chi is like iron wrapped in cotton wool. It takes dedication to achieve and mindfulness, gentleness and softness in mind body and spirit.

To those who show dedication there is a natural progression in Chen style Tai chi Chuan at first you will be taught the 18 movement form, then a 4 directional form, then the Laojia Yilu which all of the Chen Family practice and the Laojia Erlu (cannonfist). There are many weapons forms including sword, sabre, pole, spear, double swords and the new frames Xinjia Yilu and Erlu.

You will be given an opportunity to also come to the seminars held by Master Wang Hai jun our master and teacher when this happens your tai chi will improve in many ways. My teacher is a great man with much knowledge who has been training with the Chen family since the age of 7 years old. I feel honoured to be taught by him.

If you are dedicated enough you can even learn Tai chi to become an Instructor yourself all you need is your commitment to yourself to make a change for the better and commitment to being more healthy and happy. So stick to your promise to yourself at the end of the day only you can be the change you wish to see.

I also offer 1 to 1 training so you can get to your goals much faster as long as you live in Surrey

I have been practising tai chi for over 13 years now and train with my teacher James Langcake every day.

I train with Master Wang Hai Jun every month during a 5 hour session in London which is by invite only.

I have dedicated my life to learning and mastering this internal martial art so the teaching you receive from me will be the finest I can give if I receive corrections from either of my teachers I pass them to my students…

I believe that knowledge is to be shared within my teaching I will focus on all aspects of tai chi and I give detailed corrections where necessary.

My classes are not done in silence and I guide my students through each exercise especially the Qigong and Tai Chi explaining the concepts and visualisation’s if needed.

Let me be your guide…