So this is what got me to my current stage of life this is the start of my journey…

Hi, I thought I would give you a bit of background on myself so you can see where I am coming from: In 2004 both of my lungs collapsed and within the four and a bit years that it took to fully heal I took a very holistic healing route, after my first operation I was very sick and in pain constantly it took me over four months to be able to walk outside or even upstairs, to move was agony and I had lots of time to think about what to do with my life…

I knew I was due another operation on the other lung to attach it to my chest when I was strong enough…

It was then I decided that I would do my 1st degree Reiki Training; it was the start of a spiritual awakening and re-establishing of myself that made me look at myself in amazing detail. It was a real challenge but I knew it had to be done. I did my 2nd degree Reiki training just before my second operation and it really helped me.

The first operation was agony the tube in my chest was set up to drain into a large bottle beside me and was airtight; I was attached to a device which kept my lungs inflated. This continued for about four days. For my first operation I was given anti-inflammatory and morphine for the pain and so much more.

Please bear in mind that my second operation was exactly the same except, somehow the pain felt less, I was more positive, I did not need any drugs and certainly no morphine. It was offered to me but I refused it! The nurses and doctors were very surprised, I just sat in bed and did my own self-healing and when I was able to get up I did Tai Chi with a tube sticking out of my side, it was a little painful but I knew that these things would make me better. I could feel it working, I got stronger each day and I would offer to help others that were in pain by sending them healing as well, most would fall asleep. Then more people would ask for my help they could all see it having a positive effect on those I worked with.

I was able to leave hospital a day earlier than last time, just amazing that my recovery time for my second lung was much faster overall.  I knew that I had found something very powerful and beautiful in Reiki and it worked for me… It took my lungs over four years to heal completely and now I am the healthiest I’ve ever been!

I have been training in healing and Reiki for the last 9 years so I know my stuff…

Now my Views….  I believe that we are all here to learn to help progress our Souls and to help others along the way by helping them to understand to share knowledge and to be guides.

Now we are all taught many things at school which are of little or no use as we grow up and begin to think and research for ourselves we discover an almost hidden world. This world is seldom talked about and we are only just getting our doctors and medical professionals to start talking about and even recommending natural and complementary therapies.

The fact that we are all energy and vibration moving at different rates and the interaction between the healer and this energy is very natural we are constantly in touch with this subtle energy and it moves us because it is us.

This energy is thrown out of balance by others projections, self limitations, fear, conditioning and our own limiting beliefs. I do believe this is down to the bodies ability to hold onto everything.

We are made up of over 80% of water it holds the blueprints for many things including all the negative interactions and memories held within our bodies. Over time we if we are not moving our energies around this energy can become stuck and stagnate this is usually the cause of many illnesses and diseases.

Inside of us we have many energy channels like the Meridians from traditional Chinese Medicine that connect to the major organs the meridian theory goes back at least 10,000 years.  Just look at the Chinese they are very fit and healthy well into their older years and those that practice Tai chi and Qigong seem to literally delay the aging process. I have had people come to my classes who have been changed completely even regaining lost energy and movement that they had when they where younger.

We as humans are only just beginning to realise the importance to work with and to heal our internal self rather than just externally.  To heal that which we cannot see includes working on our thoughts and feelings which are addressed by spiritual/natural healing

This also would include our Meridians and Chakras as well and deeper yet we could also consider working on being ourselves in this moment. Living in the present is something we all could benefit from we only hurt ourselves by these false imaginings projected onto us by other people. Why worry about anything when what we imagine and think about we create!

Food for thought.