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My Promise to you!

Hi and Welcome to my Tai chi and Qigong school my name is Darren Plumb.

I am a teacher of standards and good at what I do I am also dedicated to doing what is best for you too!

No two classes are ever the same! I explain what your hands and body should be doing!

I will never make you just follow me and I talk as I go explaining the weight shifts and movements necessary for you to build a strong foundation for your Taiji practice…

I will do gentle corrections just so you know to make sure you are in the best postural alignment.

I continually develop my skills and I will help you to understand the principles, relaxation required for your practice.

I will pass on my knowledge and understanding to the best of my ability and that of my teachers with their permission.

Knowledge is for sharing and not to be kept for ones self but for the benefit of all!




…. All my classes are ongoing and are open all year long?


TERM PAYMENT £140 – UNLIMITED CLASSES for the Term September 2nd to December…

Drop in for £15

Private tuition for Tai Chi and Qi Gong £80 for an hour and a half.

Prices for Care homes and Businesses for an hour £60

learn how to move your qi

Your Beginners Classes at a glance for 2018

tai chi

Monday mornings – Qigong – Unitarian Church hall, Meadrow, Godalming – 10 am to 11.30 am

Monday evenings – Chen taiji – Farncombe infants school – 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Wednesday evenings – Qigong + Yang Style Tai Chi – St Johns Church center, Merrow, Guildford – 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm

Wednesday evenings – Chen taiji and Qigong – St Johns Church center, Merrow, Guildford – 7.30 pm to 9 pm

Friday morning – Yang Tai Chi – Cranleigh Youth Centre – 9.30 am to 10.30 am

Friday morning – Yang tai chi and qigong – The Grange Estate Church crookham – 11.45 am to 12.45 pm


(Taiji is the Chinese Mandarin for Tai Chi Chuan)

Important disclaimer
When you sign up for a term you can come to as many classes as you wish the only exclusion from this offer is when I teach seminars these will cost you extra and are usually three hour events.
You must give 24 hours notice if you are going to cancel a class especially if they are private sessions or healing sessions. If you cancel on the day you will be charged the full amount.
I have set aside time for you which could have been given to someone else it is unreasonable to cancel on the day and I lose my fee for that day!!!





Welcome to my Tai chi classes surrey website and the home of  TAI CHI CLASSES SURREY, I am Darren and I run this school for Tai Chi , Qigong and Mindfulness Movement

tai chi

I have classes in Cranleigh, Fleet, Guildford, Merrow and Petersfield.


I really hope you enjoy what I have to teach you and find the information and motivation you need to join one of my Tai Chi classes today if you want to learn a new skill that will require practice, for those of you that just want something to follow rather than learn then I suggest that you come to one of my classes on Mindfulness movement Qigong instead!

Qigong can be compared to something along the lines of Yoga or Pilates but the emphasis is on relaxation and working internally opening the energy pathways in the body to promote the free flow of Chi or Qi which in turn helps to relax and get rid of stress. Helping muscles to relax will improve the mobility in your joints making you much looser.


Transform your Internal Body Function with Chen Style Tai Chi, After my 10 week course you will have started to change the internal working of your body for the better.


Your balance improves, Relaxation is felt as the mind relaxes the memory is enhanced your internal organs will have started to cleanse and release toxins.


You will start to feel the benefits of this ancient exercise for your mind, body and Spirit very quickly the more you practice the better you will feel…


The 10 week course is equivalent to practicing tai chi every day for 2 weeks.


It includes a warm up, Silk Reeling exercises and Mindfulness movement Qigong or chi kung the key to improving your health and fitness.


07982 971961


What is Tai Chi and Qigong how is it practiced?

tai chi classes surrey, tai chi classes surrey, tai chi classes surrey,tai chi classes surrey

I have been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong for many years and with 17 years of experience I feel that I have the best foundations in the practice to give everyone whatever they need to succeed in their practice of Tai Chi and Qigong both of which are very ancient techniques of mind body spiritual fitness and awareness.

The art of Tai Chi is also a very powerful martial art in its own right known for its focus on softness and whole body awareness coupled together with explosive power called (Fajin) within this art is everything one needs for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is learned by performing a form. This is a series of movements that blend seamlessly into one another much like water flowing through a stream creating a flowing movement through the body and helps to balance the energies within.


The art of Qigong or Mindfulness movement – Qigong is slightly different in that it focuses more on moving the Qi or energy around the body so that it helps the joints to open as well as promoting a person’s ability to connect to the Earth’s energy and Heavenly energies which are called Yin chi and Yang chi respectively.

Mindfulness movement –Qigong can be done static or moving and once again opens the bodies channels to promote the healthy flow of energy the Chinese call Qi or Chi.


Both Tai Chi and Qigong have roots in Traditional Chinese medicine or (TCM) which promotes the Meridian system this system links into all of your major internal organs with the spine as the central Meridian it is maintained that once the body has a healthy flow of Qi flowing inside that all of the internal organs are healthy and balanced as well as joints, muscles and limbs receiving the energy which is always in a constant flow around the body.


Another major focus of Tai Chi and Qigong is relaxation and breath work both key factors in helping the body to remain loose and relaxed. This in itself will help to eliminate stress and most of that which we hold onto inside the body.


I teach the Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi and I have over 17 years of experience in my practice. The Qigong I teach is unique in that I know of no other people teaching in the way I teach. I have a very spiritual approach that differs greatly from Western attitudes and I have been to China to learn from some of the great teachers out there offering this knowledge to those that are seeking more depth in their practice.

I can promise that no two classes will ever be the same…


Darren David Plumb


Full Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (TCUGB)

Founder of Tai Chi Classes Surrey…

Tai chi classes surrey, Tai chi classes surrey, Tai chi classes surrey,


Tai chi classes surrey, Tai chi classes surrey, Tai chi classes surrey,

What can Tai Chi and Mindfulness movement – Qigong treat and why should I practice?


Tai Chi for Health is used by Eastern society to keep a wide variety of illnesses at bay and to improve other bodily functions such as:

Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Disease, Myocardial disfunction and other problems with the heart, It can help prevent

Strokes, Arthritis, Breast Cancer, Hypertension, It will improve Muscle strength, Muscle memory,

Balance and help to increase immunity Physical function, Mental health,

Bodily Pain as well as Increase your Vitality and memory!


Tai Chi and Qigong is essential for optimum health and vitality and with continued practice it helps to open the joints and ligaments, purifies the blood by helping oxygenate the whole body.


It will help with correct posture alignment and quietens the mind increasing energy levels throughout the body. Tai chi can help you to obtain perfect body balance. Tai chi can be way of Life it can lead to a deep fulfilling spiritual practice and can be used as a meditation in movement which will give way eventually to become an explosive and dynamic original martial art.


When trained to a high level you can achieve many things the health benefits on your journey are just one thing in a list of many that are the result of the work you put into this graceful but powerful martial art.


It will help in every aspect in the body including kidney function this helps to regulate the blood and the blood is the home of Chi energy. Without chi in your body and your blood you would not even be here according to Chinese Medical Theory or TCM.


On a spiritual level Tai Chi and Qigong will raise the vibrational level of your blood, energy and organs and with this higher level of energy and vibration illness is unable to exist in the physical body.

The Chinese use tai chi for prolonging life and have done extremely well in attaining longevity through continued practice.

In the west we need this to counteract our busy lives to maintain our body, mind and spirit.

The courses I run are designed for you to get the best from your practice I will help you to find a new more healthy way of living…

I will introduce you to the power of using your mind and visualization to help in training and building your energy and confidence so we are training all aspects of your body, mind and spirit..



Wishing you happiness and Health for 2018